How to Make Money at Online Poker

Var somebody said that the only way to make money at online poker is to rig the poker table. I don’t know if this is true or not, but I will tell you that it probably isn’t. Unless you are a hacker or a spine-less killer intent on putting an end to all opposition, there is no way to make money at online poker.

Let me repeat, there is no way to make money at online poker. None. Nada. There is a reason that the rooms welcome you with open arms and a smile. They want you to succeed, and to be right, and to earn.

There is a way to make money at online poker, and it’s called poker rakeback. Poker rakeback is simply earning back a percentage of the rake you contribute to the poker room. In effect, you get back about a third of the rake that you contribute. This is a transfer of the transactional costs and profits from the poker room to you, the player.

For example, take a look at Full Tilt Poker’s 9% rakeback offer. Full Tilt is a room that pays out $0.89 to each player. Their lowest bet is $1.00, thus only counts as $0.3 in rake if you bet $3.00. This is where the term ‘rakeback’ comes from, because the house charges you a percentage of the rake you contribute, hence ‘rakeback’.

With Full Tilt Poker, you are charged 50% of the rake on your pot(s). But, as an ‘affiliating’ player you earn $0.50 for each pot that you play ‘in running’ for the poker room. Your rakeback is therefore $0.50.

So what is the track record for sites offering poker rakeback? Well, despite their best efforts, sites likePoker Stars,, and Europoker are all on a downbeat situation: their player numbers are anthem, but their wallets are not.

So, what is the answer to the question – can you make money at online poker? The short answer is: yes, but there are several issues that prevent the mass appeal of many poker sites.

The primary problem is that poker rooms charge a fee of 15% as the “rake.” This amount is far too high for a game of skill and makes the game very expensive for the players. In effect, the rake is charged to everyone who participates in the game. It is whooping 9 disconnects from the rakeeter and130% of the rake provider for a massive yearly fee. 15% just does not attract many players.

Poker Stars, despite their engineers’ best efforts, have a very difficult time showing confidence on the rake issue. Recently, they delayed the start of the European poker tour for a few months. Hopefully, their postponement will prove to be wise.

Europoker, despite some good attempts have a very poor percentage of poker players. As a result, the service is preferable more for amateurs who need a exemption for the huge outlay of European players’ fees.

Playing for rakeback at the small stakes games isay different from playing for rakeback at the higher stakes. Play online pokerblind to get rakeback and make a service even more attractive.