Poker Tournament Strategy – How to Play Fantastic Poker Hands

Let’s assume that you are seated at a Poker Hands, after playing for some time you notice that everyone is betting odd, even, or the same.

On the above example, there are players that are betting 1,5,10,11,13,Pocket 8’s, Pocket 4’s, or in some cases low cards. Even if you raise you might still get run over on the turn, your opponent could have a monster, let’s say a set of 4’s. deposit slot 20 bonus 30 You call in hopes that you catch a third one to break even, but they could just as easily have stayed with big cards that could have busted you.

So what is the answer here? I like to play poker hands that are deceptive in nature because opponents cannot put you on a hand. deceptive hands allow you to be the creator of your own fortune. If you have great cards you can lure your opponent into thinking you have a strong hand when in fact you have nothing. Let’s say you raise and your opponent calls. If you hit your three of a kind, it is not a bad hand anymore as opposed to being bad, so save your chips for another hand.

These kinds of hands can also be good for you if you are a tight player that has hit big pairs and big scratchers. You don’t want to scare people into folding because you made a big raise with two cards that were basically garbage, now you have to play your hand aggressively and no one will recognize your big raise as being big. You might get some action with deceptive hands if you raise with trash and your opponents call you, but beware if you do this as this can backfire and you will get squirmy.

For those times when you have huge cards and no matter what anyone else says just grab the blind and go for it. The chances are that no one else really has anything either. Don’t let others push you around and steal your blinds as they are giving you action and when you see a free card or a great starting hand pounce on it and make a big raise to steal the blinds.

This can also be good if you are on a blind against a lot of people and you can steal the blind under most circumstances. The chances are that you will be up against a lot of garbage hands and you can always get three for one in those instances. Just don’t let others know that because you have a big stack that you are re-raising every trash hand they have if they represent a hand to you.

Dice control is a huge part of being successful in poker. Know your table image, know your opponents, and most importantly, know your yourself. If you want to be a force to be reckoned with at the poker table you can’t be scared to take calculated risks, you can’t be too loose or too tight depending on your image, and you can’t be in a hurry to win any given pot. All of these things can co-relate to yourDice Control.